Powerweld – a perfect connection.



Aluminum electrolysis or industrial machinery - we replace your clamped, pressed or screwed connections by our powerweld-welding joint – resistance-free, corrosion-free, maintenance-free!


Simple production and re-production!



Application Areas





What ever the connection, we will have the appropriate welding mold and the appropriate metal.



Whether wire/cable or bars/rails, rectangular sections of round conductors or connections on busbar systems.



For powerweld, even the combination of copper and aluminum is a common application.




With powerweld - less energy costs!



A lower contact resistance leads to reduced losses at the junction and therefore savings are made day by day.




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WELDCOM - Ihr Partner für hochwertige, elektrisch leitende Verbindungen für die Bereiche Blitzschutz / Erdung und Energieversorgung.

Wir bieten Ihnen widerstandsfreie, korrosionsfreie und wartungsfreie Verbindungen.


WELDCOM - Your partner for high quality, electrically conductive connections in the fields of Lightning protection / Earthing and Power supply.

We provide resistance-free, corrosion-free and maintenance-free connections.