Aluminothermic or exothermic welding – the powerweld-principle



Copper, steel, stainless steel, aluminum - these metals and their mixed compounds can be molecularly bonded together permanently, without contact resistance and without loss of quality. The metals are welded in suitable exothermic graphite molds together with metal consisting of copper and aluminum.



Powerweld -welded joints are tested according to DIN EN 61400-24 and easily meet the requirements of lightning protection class I.



Powerweld welds are possible in any desired cross section. The only requirement is that the composition and quantity of welding metal as well as the size of the welding mold be customized. Depending on the nature of the graphite, approximately 80 welds can be done with one welding mold.







Here you can see some of our standard connections.


Simply send us a request with the type of connection and the diameters or cross-sections of the conductors which should be welded. We will submit a suitable offer, including the required

welding metal.


We offer a complete powerweld- kit, supplied in a tool box. Containing the appropriate welding mold, 20 tubes weld metal plus all products that are required to perform a powerweld –weld.



  •     Toolbox
  •   Cleaning brush
  •   Gun lighter
  •   Protective gloves
  •   File Brush
  •  Safety goggles
  •  Gas burner
  •  Welding mold pocket
  •  Welding mold
  •  Welding mold holder
  •  20 tubes weld metal




The powerweld-kit is also available with electric ignition (battery) and with smoke filters (without smoke and sparks).



 Contact us, we are glad to answer your questions!





Other connection types are easily available.




Let us know your requirements and we will produce the corresponding welding mold.





Welding metal is available in the following sizes and packaging:



PWC 45       20 tubes/per unit

PWC 65       20 tubes/per unit

PWC 90       10 tubes/per unit

PWC 115     10 tubes/per unit

PWC 150     10 tubes/per unit

PWC 200     10 tubes/per unit

PWC 250     10 tubes/per unit


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WELDCOM - Your partner for high quality, electrically conductive connections in the fields of Lightning protection / Earthing and Power supply.

We provide resistance-free, corrosion-free and maintenance-free connections.