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Since 2007 we produce lightning protection trees for blades for almost all wind generator manufacturer.



From Geiselberg, Germany we supply blade plants in Europe, Asia and America. The North and South American market we supply by our production facility in Denver, Colorado, USA, if requested.



We manufacture according to customer specifications. We would be pleased to be your partner already during the development phase. For existing systems, we help to optimize and improve connections.



Our years of exothermic welding experience enable us to make the connections in your system resistant, corrosion and maintenance free! With our exothermic welding connection, the connection is no longer the weakest point in the system it is the conductor.



Welds made with welding metal of WELDCOM are tested according to DIN EN 61400-24 and easily meet the requirements of lightning protection class I.


We weld different metals with each other, like copper, aluminum, steel, stainless steel, brass as well as mixing compound, like copper and aluminum.


We also develop the appropriate weld shape to your connection, whether wire, rope, braids, bars or fabric.



 SAFE MONEY through a functioning system without damage and repairs.




Service 1


With our know-how we support you from the start, either with advice during the development phase or with production of test specimens, e.g. to provide evidence of lightning current carrying capability.


In addition our scope of services includes turning and milling parts as well as bending and stamping parts made from all common materials.


Our service includes assembling of special installation kits, too.

Even special solutions, like special cables with special conductor materials or insulation properties are possible.

Service 2

We undertake the entire procurement of all required components and provide the lightning protection tree, or the lightning protection system ready for installation at the blade factory.





We have been certified to DIN EN ISO 9001 since 2006.


Report of University of Applied Sciences, Kiel, Germany, certifies that the connections prepared by WELDCOM meet the requirements of lightning protection class I.





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WELDCOM - Ihr Partner für hochwertige, elektrisch leitende Verbindungen für die Bereiche Blitzschutz / Erdung und Energieversorgung.

Wir bieten Ihnen widerstandsfreie, korrosionsfreie und wartungsfreie Verbindungen.


WELDCOM - Your partner for high quality, electrically conductive connections in the fields of Lightning protection / Earthing and Power supply.

We provide resistance-free, corrosion-free and maintenance-free connections.